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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM ->OTHER
VMmanager Cloud ->OTHER

This article deals with the MySQL database structure.

The default name of the database is vmmgr. The id field in each table is the external key. Possible values for Boolean fields are on/off. Restart VMmanager upon data change.


This table is used for statistics calculation.


This table describes devices assigned to the virtual machine (virtual disks and iso images).

  • vm - вvirtual machine
  • type - type. 0 - hard drive, 1 - cdrom
  • controller - bus. ide/virtio
  • info - information
  • targetdev - device. hda/hdb, etc.
  • filepath - path to the image, if any


The table contains information on disk operations per days

  • time = 24 hours


The table contains information on disk operations per hours

  • time = hour


The table contains information about disk operations per minute

  • count - information for special purposes.
  • rd_req - namber of reading requests (io)
  • time = 300 sec


The table contains description of cluster nodes

  • name - node name
  • ip - IP address of the cluster node
  • status - virtual machine can/cannot be added automatically
  • uid - uid libvirt of the server. It enables to prevent adding of the same node twicely.


Information on storages on the cluster node.

  • hostnode - cluster node
  • metapool - storage template
  • capacity - storage size in MB
  • available - free space


Network interface of virtual machines

  • vm - virtual machine
  • network - URL to the network
  • mac - MAC-address of the interface


IP addresses of virtual machines




Description of the template storage

  • name - template name
  • type - storage type. logical/netfs/iscsi/dir

The rest of the fields correspond to the names of libvirt parameters for storages.


The table contains network description.

  • name - network name
  • type - network type bridge/nat/route
  • bridge - bridged netwrorking name
  • main - status of the primary bridged networking


Virtual machines templates. All the fields correspond to the interface.


The tables contains statistical information per days


The tables contains statistical information per hours


The tables contains statistical information per minutes


The table describes all users of the control panel

  • name - username
  • password - password md5-hash
  • level - user role: 29 for administrator, 16 for user.
  • enabled - active/not active


Information about imported VPS


Access details to VDSmanager from the Import module.


Description of virtual machines

  • name - name of the virtual machine
  • hostnode - cluster node
  • ip - primary IP address
  • mem - available RAM in MiB
  • vcpu - number of available CPU kernels
  • cputune - cgroup weight
  • vsize - main disk size. It is used only when creating a virtual machine
  • user - owner
  • vmi - OS template
  • state - status running/stopped
  • osinstalled - OS status (whether it is installed or not)
  • opkey - key for checking the installation information
  • password - VNC password
  • needrebootcount - number of reboots required for OS installation
  • needreboot - virtual machine should be rebooted
  • domain - domain name
  • migrate - migration in progress
  • imported - virtual machine was imported from VDSmanager


The table with virtual disks.

  • name - disk name
  • hostnode - cluster node where it is located
  • user - owner
  • pool - pool name
  • size - size in MB
  • vm - virtual machine to which the disk is assigned
  • bus - bus
  • dev - device
  • device - URL to the device table
  • filepath - path to the image, if any