VMmanager Glossary

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  • Virtual machine - resources of a cluster node are shared among virtual machines. Depending on the virtualization system, the guest system may have an operating system different from your host-system.
  • Virtual disk - a hard disk image connected to a virtual machine. It can be local or network, depending on a storage type.
  • Cluster - a group of servers (nodes).
  • Cluster node - a physical server included into the cluster. Virtual machines are located on cluster nodes.
  • Storage - a device where virtual disks are stored. It can be local (lvm, file system) or network (NFS, iSCSI).
  • Storage template - template's configuration. All cluster nodes must have the same storages to easily migrate virtual machines between servers.
  • Network - all servers must have networks of the same type.
  • OS template - the distribution and other information required for OS installation.
  • VM template - a template that a virtual machine will be based on.