VMmanager OVZ: Troubleshooting

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OS installation

Failed to reinstall the OS.

The error error_code_7 (no message found) occurred while installing the operating system on 'vm1' (cluster node 'node1')

  • Make sure that enough resources are allocated to the virtual container. Very often this error is caused by insufficient file descriptors.

Go to ISPmanager

If the browser redirects you to https://__IP__:1500/ispmgr make sure you specified the correct path for ihttpd start in в /etc/rc.local of the container

How to update CentOS correctly

Execute the "exclude=kernel" command in /etc/yum.conf file. This will block installation/updating of all the packages starting with "kernel". After that you can start updating. Before this you can execute yum check-update, just to make sure these packages will not be updated.