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VMmanager uses libvirt for managing KVM virtualization. The virsh tool is built on the libvirt management .

Virsh allows managing Libvirt manually, however we don't recommend doing this. If you need to manage Libvirt manually, please pay attention to VMmanager peculiarities.

Editing XML-configuration (edit)

Libvirt creates and manages virtual machines based on their XML-descriptions. XML-descriptions are kept in the /etc/libvirt/qemu directory. You can edit the XML-configuration via и Virsh, but if VMmanager needs to edit parameters of the virtual machine, the control panel can overwrite some changes in the sections:


You may edit storages, networks, etc.

Deleting a virtual machine (undefine)

Deleting a virtual machine via virsh undefine is similar to deleting it from the control panel. You won't be able to continue working with that machine. If you delete the virtual machine using virsh, it won't be deleted from the list of virtual machines in VMmanager. When checking statuses of virtual machines or sending requests to a deleted machine, the control panel will display a warning and the request won't be executed. The only action that you can perform with the deleted virtual is to delete it from VMmanager ignoring all the error messages.