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How it works:

A service provider set up his affiliate program in BILLmanager -- Affiliate programs module. A provider's client (affiliate) will see an affiliate link that he can place on his web-site. Site visitors will be redirected to the provider's web-site after clicking that link. If a visitor gets registered in provider's BILLmanager and pays for a service, an affiliate will be rewarded with N% of the client's expenses.

Configuration on provider side

Navigate to BILLmanager -- Affiliate programs.

  • Provider - this field is shown only in BILLmanager Corporate. Select a provider for your affiliate program.
  • Promo code template - enter a template for promo code. You can use macro @ID@ to specify an affiliate's Id. An individual promo code will be generated for every affiliate. When a client enters the affiliate code when placing an order, the client will be associated with that affiliate. If you do not fill out this form, promo codes won't be created for affiliates.
  • Reward - percent of a client's expenses that will be added to your affiliate's account.
  • Site URL - , where - is the service provider's site.
  • Client group - select a client group who will be able to take part in your affiliate program.
  • Forbid for group members - select a client group, which members won't be rewarded.

Integration with your site

To keep track of clients who followed the affiliate links and got registered, add the following code into any page of the provider's web-site:

<script language="javascript">
  var counter_url = "https://billmgr.domain/mancgi/counter?rnd="+Math.random()+"&project=1&r="+escape(document.referrer)+"&p="+escape(window.location.href);
  document.write("<img src='" + counter_url + "' border=0 width=0 height=0 style='display: none;'>");


  • billmgr.domain - a domain name of the provider's billing panel
  • rnd - the parameter which allows to prevent caching.
  • project - the id of the affiliate program provider. For BILLmanager the id is always "1", for BILLmanager Corporate - values different from "1".
  • r - the parameter which is used to register a page/domain a referral was referred from.
  • p - the full URL of the current page to retrieve the id of the affiliate who referred a new client

Information about affiliate program

A client can navigate to the "Affiliate program" module to view information about their personal link and promo code.


By clicking the Reward button an affiliate can see the amount of funds that he was rewarded. In Statistics he can view a list of clients who got registered and their registration date.

Affiliates are rewarded on the 1st day of every month based on expenses (not payments) for the previous month.

To be able to print a report, you should conclude an "Affiliate program agreement" (Provider --> Companies --> Contracts).

Additional information

If a referral was not assigned to the affiliate account for any reason, you can assign him manually. Navigate to BILLmanager -> Clients-> Payments-> Edit -> "Referred by client".

A Promo code will be applied only once when a client makes his first order. If the client already has a number of paid services on his account, the promo code won't be applied.

Execute the following command to add affiliate rewards manually:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/billmaintain --command affiliatemonthly --date 2016-04-01

2016-04-01 means that your affiliate will be rewarded for April.