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General information

BILLmanager is a billing solution for hosting company management. This is a customizable platform for automating client management, invoicing and billing, reseller functionality. This solution comes equipped with diverse marketing tools, built-in support-center, and client area, as well as customizable front-end Cart capabilities, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. This flexible and multi-functional piece of software specifically developed for service providers will help you manage and take full control of various aspects of your business.

Who needs BILLmanager

BILLmanager can be used by both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large companies, and resellers.

Generally speaking, BILLmanager enables to provide any types of products and services.

Main functionality

BILLmanager can perform the following operations:

  • Register clients
  • Give discounts
  • Receive payments
  • Order and handle services
  • Generate accounting documents
  • Provide support services
  • Send notifications to clients
  • Generate reports
  • Site integration

BILLmanager easily integrates with a large number of automation tools and control panels, payment gateways and service providers (SSL vendors, Domain names registrars, and many more) allowing for maximum automation of your business. A client can himself gets registered in a Client area, place an order, pay for a serviceб and BILLmanager will automatically handle and activate his service.

Differences between versions

BILLmanager is available in two versions: Standard, Advanced and Corporate.

  • BILLmanager Standard can be used by small and medium-sized businesses. It provides less functionality and flexibility in comparison with other versions. It supports only main product types, doesn't include marketing functions, and much more.
  • BILLmanager Advanced can be used most hosting companies, as it provides practically all the functions they may need for their business.
  • BILLmanager Corporate can be used by holding companies, and provides the maximum number of functions. With BILLmanager Corporate, hosting companies can have multiple projects providing different kinds of services, including custom services and prices. This version can work with multiple legal entities, delivers flexible configuration of companies, payment methods, and much more.