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This article describes the BILLmanager configuration file (/usr/local/mgr5/etc/billmgr.conf). This article is not complete and new information will be added. Please also refer to the COREmanager configuration file article, as some options are taken from COREmanager.


You can specify options, if needed. In the configuration file they are specified as Option <name>. You can use the optionlist function (sbin/mgrctl -m billmgr optionlist) to get a list of options that were set.

  • Option EULA - a user pressed the "I agree" button to accept ISPsystem License agreement. Deleting this option will show the License agreement when starting the control panel the next time.
  • Option DeleteManualSuspend - delete suspended services manually (the "Global settings" module)
  • Option AllowDeleteNotification - allow clients to delete notifications
  • Option OneDedicatedIp - allocate only one IP address to a newly activated service
  • Option CheckIpInUse - delete only free IP addresses
  • Option RequireAccountActivation - email confirmation will be required during client registration
  • Option regform_ - extended form for client registration. Possible values:
  • Option HideClosedItem - Do not show the "deleted" item
  • Option AllowAnyCountryForProfile - allow payers to indicate а country which differs from the one selected for their account;
  • Option ProhibitDifferentProfileTypes - Prohibit different profile types on one account
  • Option AutoPayment - Enable Automatic Payment
  • Option ReserveWithoutExpense - Reserve funds without creating the expenses
  • Option ShowAnnualTurnover - show annual turnover based on payments (enabled by default)
  • Option ShowAnnualExpense - show annual turnover based on expenses (alternative to ShowAnnualTurnover)


Unlike paths and options, parameters may have any names (several solid words, each one beginning with a capital letter). You can retrieve a full list of parameters and their values using the paramlist function (sbin/mgrctl -m billmgr paramlist)

In the configuration file parameters are specified as: <Parameter name> <value>

  • AllowedTurnOffClient - users who can access BILLmanager 4, which is suspended during migration to BILLmanager 5. It is used only for migration to BILLmanager 5.
  • AuthenLifeTime - session lifetime in seconds. If a session remains idle for more than the specified timeout value, it will be deleted automatically. The default value is one hour. If you set a smaller value, sessions will be closed (even if the browser window with the control panel remains open).
  • AvatarFileSize - avatar file size.
  • DBHost - database server address. Usually - localhost
  • DBName - BILLmanager database name (billmgr)
  • DBPassword - password to the database server
  • DBSocket - socket to connect to the database server
  • DBUser - database user (billmgr)
  • LastLogin - banner that shows information about user's last login. Possible values:
info - always show banner /
notify - show banner only if the IP address has been changed /
none - do not show banner /
  • LongRequest - request execution time in seconds. Requests that are executed for more than the specified period, will be put into the long requests log var/<panel name>.long.log. The default value is 300 seconds.
  • LowMoneyExpirePeriod - how many days will pass before "Insufficient notifications" will be sent to customers, if the auto-renewal option is not set. The notification informs a client that he has insufficient funds for automatic renewal of services. The default value 5 4 3 2 1 0
  • LowMoneyNoticePeriod - how many days will pass before "Insufficient funds" notifications will be sent to customers. The default value 10 5 4 3 2 1 0
  • NearDeletePeriod -how many days will pass before a service deletion notification will be sent to customers. The notification informs that the services without automatic renewal will be deleted. The default value is 7,5,3,1
  • PWGenCharacters - characters that can be used for password generation. Possible value: 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
  • PWGenLen - number of characters in a password
  • PWStrength - check password strength. Possible values: 0 - do not check / 1 - "weak" / 2 - "good" / 3 - "strong"
  • PreloaderTimeout — the maximum period that will pass before the "Upload timeout exceeded" banner will be displayed;
  • Problems - "Error notifications" settings (the menu module that lists issues in the system). Possible values:
  • Release - distribution type
  • SMTP - mail settings. Possible values:
  • StartPage - start page that will open upon user login
  • StatNotificationType - send notifications every time a client is charged on credit, or when he is charged based on statistics ("Global settings" -- "Statistics-based")
  • RegFormType - Simple and advanced client registration form (1 or 2)
  • StatExpensePolicy - in case of insufficient funds on a client's account, do not perform any actions, charge a client, or suspend his service.