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Installing COREmanager from repository

COREmanager 5.15.0 and later can be installed and updated from the OS repository.

This is a recommended installation method.

For more information please refer to the article Installing ISPsystem software products from repository

Installing COREmanager using script

Installing COREmanager v.5 (Unix-based operating systems)

Download the COREmanager installation script





Start the script


Select a version you want to install by typing the first letter and press ENTER. The following versions are available: release - stable version of a product; beta - the latest tested version, which includes all the improvements. Please, read the Alpha-version article If you want to install the alpha version of a software product.

Note! - If you are going to install a beta-version, make sure to run COREmanager-beta.

Select COREmanager in the list of software products The script will connect a repository for your OS, and install COREmanager. Once the installation is complete, you will see the URL to the COREmanager interface

Installing COREmanager v.5 (Windows-based operating systems)

Download the latest version of the msi-package of the COREmanager installer ( The package format is COREmanager.[version number].msi

Run the msi-package with administrator privileges.

Welcome to the Setup Wizard

Complete the installation steps.

Once completed, use the following URL to access the COREmanager web-interface : https://[IP address of your server]:1500/core