DCImanager: hardware requirements

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Hierarchy: DCImanager -> Setup and configuration
DCImanager Enterprise -> Setup and configuration

We recommend that you install DCImanager on a dedicated server. When you install it on a VPS, you need to consider that the control panel doesn’t work in the OpenVZ container. Besides, on the ESXi virtual machine you may face difficulties with DHCP and TFTP. Due to peculiarities of network device virtualization those protocols may work incorrectly.

Supported operation system - CentOS 7 x64. Supporting only one operating system allows to reduce the number of testing tasks that the QA performs and improves the system stability.

Note: you should install the panel on the server with the latest minor version of the operating system. Do not change the major version of the OS.

We strongly recommend a clean install of DCImanager. You should install a minimal version of the operating system, all the services that DCImanager requires, will be installed automatically during software installation.

To ensure the best software performance, do not connect any third-party repositories.

When you install the panel on CentOS 7, use XFS as the file system.

Allocate 100-150 Gb for the root partition for DCImanager files and OS templates. OS templates use about 80 Gb. 10-15 Gb for every Windows template and about 100 Mb for every Linux template. The templates are kept in the directory of the root partition /DCI/.