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Following is a list of parameters that can be specified in the DNSmanager configuration file. They define location of programs, configuration files and options. Each parameter has the default value, which cannot be modified unless you experience problems with your control panel.

If you install the panel into /usr/local/mgr5, the configuration file is located in /usr/local/mgr5/etc/dnsmgr.conf

General settings of the configuration file are described in the article DNS settings.

DNSmanager uses the following additional options:

  • UseIPv4 - use IPv4.
  • UseIPv6 - use IPv6.
  • Option SkipSlaveNSOnRecords (available in DNSmanager 5.18.0 and later) - disable automatic update of domain's information on secondary name servers when performing operations with domain records (create, edit, delete). When editing that domain name, the information will be update regardless of this option.
  • DnsHostname - parameter describing the format of the SOA-record, by default uses either hostname or view name. (available in DNSmanager 5.18.0 and later)

Example of the configuration file:

DNS named
path DomainZonesPath /etc/bind
path DomainSlaveZonesPath /etc/bind
path named.conf  /etc/named.conf
path ndc /usr/sbin/rndc
Option UseIPv4
NamedUid 117
NamedGid 111