File limit in the Disk quota module

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In this article the calculation of files to limit the amount of disk space that individual users can consume is explained.

The maximum number of files is calculated in proportion to size of the partition where a user's home directory is located, and the maximum number of files in that partition.

 Base number of files = (disk space allocated to user / total disk size) * Available files in partition

The number of files depends on a certain partition, that's why administrator can specify the following parameters to change the value [in the configuration file of the control panel]:

  • QuotaInodeMultiply - multiplier for the base number of files (the default value is 2). The calculated number of files should be multiplied by this coefficient. The large the coefficient, the more files will be available to a user
  • QuotaInodeMin - the minimal number of files that can be allocated (the default value is 50000). If the calculated value (after applying the QuotaInodeMultiply coefficient) is less than the specified value, this parameter will be set as applied to limit the number of files.