Firewall rule settings

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A firewall is hardware or software system that is configured to deny unauthorized access to certain services on your server while permitting authorized communications according to the specified rules. A rule defines which services will be allowed through your Firewall, and which ones will be kept out.

This module can be used to manage the network connections and create Firewall rules to accept or deny connections from specific IP-addresses.

T-bullet.gif View a list of services
T-new.png Add rule
T-edit.png Edit rule
T-delete.png Delete rule
T-editlist.png Dependences

View a list of services

  • Service name - the name of the service.
  • Status - current status of the service filter:
    • open - the service accepts connections from any IP-address.
    • half-open - the service accepts connections only from specific IP-addresses.
    • closed - the service denies all connections.
    • half-closed - the service accepts connections only from the IP-addresses that are not included into the blocking list.

Add rule

To add a new rule for a service, select the service from the list, click the "Edit" icon and fill out the form:


  • Action - select a desired action:
    • Allow - access to the service is allowed for all connections.
    • Deny - all connections will be blocked.
    • Allow for - list the IP-addresses from which access will be allowed.
    • Deny for - list the IP-addresses from which access will be denied.
  • Protocol - select a data transfer protocol. You may select either all protocols or a specific one.
  • Port - provide a port.
  • Source of IP address