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To protect your billing system from fraudulent actions you may use a special function that requires your customers to pass a phone verification process before placing orders either by SMS or automated voice call.

Setting fraud protection

Complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Fraud gateways to add a fraud gateway
  2. Select the "Phone verification" check box in the product type or tariff plan edit form

Attention! If the "Phone verification" option is active for a product type, it will be automatically applied for all the tariff plans of related to that type. The check box won't be shown on the tariff edit form.

How it works

When ordering a service, the client will be asked to pass the phone verification process if he doesn't have his phone number verified.

Cart. Phone verification

Click the "Verify phone number" and enter the following configuration details:

Fill out the forms:

  • Country - select a country where the phone number is registered. A country code will be shown in the "Phone number" field;
  • Phone number - enter a phone number;
  • Verification method - either by SMS or automated voice call; Be sure to configure anti-fraud gateways to use both methods.

Click "Get verification code" to choose an appropriate gateway to generate a confirmation code.

Select a gateway:

  • all of the active gateways sorted in descending order (the gateway with the highest priority will be the first) are selected;
  • a phone number filter (if any) is checked for each gateway; if the phone number doesn't meet filter rules, the gateway will be skipped;
  • the search stops after selecting an SMS and phone gateway.

Enter the verification code.

Configuration details

Navigate to Fraud protection to enter the following details:

  • Timeout - time out in minutes to resend the confirmation code;
  • Code validity period - period in minutes that will pass before the code expires;
  • Number of attempts (only for "auto informer" gateways) - the number of attempts to reach a client for verification (how many times the gateway will try to reach the specified phone number using one verification code).

Go to Global settings to enter the following details:

  • Number of attempts to send code - the maximum number of attempts to receive the confirmation code.
  • Number of attempts to enter code - the maximum number of attempts to enter the confirmation code.