Hosting Beginner Guide:Connecting DCImanager to the billing panel

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Connecting to the server with DCImanager

Navigate to Integration - Processing modules, and click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide bill14.png

Select "Dedicated server"

Hosting Beginner Guide dedic.png

and integration with DCImanager

  • URL -
  • Username - admin
  • Password - password
  • IPmanager - IPmanager
Hosting Beginner Guide bill6.png

Enter the following parameters on the form that will open

  • Name -
  • Responsible department - Technical department

Creating a tariff

BILLmanager enables to set different prices for your services. Let's take our tariff plan E3-1230-8G-2x1000SATA and set the following parameters:

  1. daily charges - it will be easier for clients to monitor their balance. Funds are debited every day in equal amounts.
  2. minimum order period - 6 months - to prevent your clients from ordering/cancelling their services too often.
  3. late renewal fee - if a client failed to pay for his service in due time, he will have to pay from a suspension date.

Navigate to Products - Tariff plan

Hosting Beginner Guide3 tarif1.png

Click "Add" and select "Dedicated server"

Hosting Beginner Guide tarif11.png
  • Name - Xeon E3 1230 8Gb RAM 2x1000 SATA
  • Server type - E3-1230-8G-2x1000SATA
  • Charge daily - no
  • Minimum order period - Month
  • Minimum period length - 6
  • Service activation notification template - Dedicated server activation
  • License Agreement - License agreement
  • Late renewal fee - Renew from suspension date
  • Phone verification - Yes
  • Order services, which are currently unavailable - no
  • Create all add-ons - Yes
  • Free domain zone -
  • Name server - ns1
  • Month - 600 euro

Select the newly created tariff plan and click "Modules"

Activate it on the server with DCImanager

Edit our tariff plan - allow users to order additional IPv4 addresses

Click "Config"

Delete default add-ons:

  • Bandwidth - additional charges based on statistics
  • ipv6-addresses - we are not going to configure IPv6
  • control panel

Let's set a price for "Public IPv4-addresses"

Edit the following parameters:

  • Minimum order period - Month
  • Period - 1
  • Tariff plan includes - 1. This is a start value, clients are not charged for it
  • Step - 1. The start value can be enlarged by this value.
  • Maximum value - 4. This is the maximum amount available for order.
  • Month - 60 Rub. This is amount per each step, i.e. you will need to pay 600 euro/month for additional IP address.