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Log in to ISPmanager after the installation process has been completed:

Url: https://<server ip address>:1500/ispmgr

Login: root

Password: <root password>

Read and accept the License agreement.

ISPmanager will activate a local server as a cluster node in the Cluster nodes module, and will automatically install additional packages. Wait for the installation process to complete

Hosting Beginner Guide isp2.png

You can monitor the installation process by hovering your mouse cursor over the icon P-lt3.png in the list of cluster nodes.

Navigate to Integration - Modules

Hosting Beginner Guide isp4.png

Select CloudLinux

The panel will ask you to convert cluster nodes. Click Ок

The conversion process will start:

  • first, the panel will run a script to convert CentOS into CloudLinux
  • then, it will install packages that ISPmanager requires
  • the server will be rebooted to set up the new kernel. The quotas notification will be displayed on the toolbar.

Wait for the conversion process to complete: you will see the icon P-lt3.png in list of cluster nodes

Create user templates based on the tariff plans we have created earlier.

Navigate to the Cluster settings - Templates and click Add

Hosting Beginner Guide isp7.png
  • Basic:
    • Name Alpha
    • Type - User
  • Limits:
    • Disk - 1024
    • Traffic - 200
    • Databases - 5
    • WWW-domains - 5
    • Domain names - 5
    • Mail domains - 5
    • Mailboxes - 5
  • Resources:
    • RAM - 256
    • Email limit - 100 (to prevent sending spam from your server)
    • Max CPU load - 200
  • CloudLinux:
    • CPU load limit - 25
    • Physical memory - 256
    • Virtual memory - 256
    • CageFS select the check box
  • Access:
    • SSL - select the check box
    • PHP as Apache module - select the check box
    • PHP as CGI - select the check box
    • all other check boxes should be cleared
  • Default values
    • Domain encoding - UTF-8
    • PHP handler type - Apache module
  • You can leave all other fields (that I didn't mention) blank, or enter values according to your needs.

Click "OK".

Create our tariff plans:

Hosting Beginner Guide isp8.png

Navigate to Policy and in the Different owners for domains and subdomains field select Allow for admins to allow BILLmanager to create free domain names.

Hosting Beginner Guide isp27.png

Once completed, integrate ISPmanager with IPmanager and DNSmanager