Hosting Beginner Guide:Integration with IPmanager

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IPmanager allows to allocate IP addresses to control panels.

Log in to IPmanager as admin and navigate to the "Users" module

Hosting Beginner Guide ip4.png

Click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide ip5.png
  • Username ns1
  • Password - click the corresponding icon to have your password automatically generated.

Click Ок

To allow our user to use these IP addresses, navigate to the "User" module --> select the ns1 user, and click "Permissions"

Hosting Beginner Guide ip6.png

Hosting Beginner Guide ipmgr7.png

Click Add

A new window will open

Hosting Beginner Guide ip8.png
  • Block of IP addresses
  • Choose all types of IP addresses to enable our panels to use all of them.

Click Ok

Navigate to the "Networks" module, select our network, and click "IPs"

Hosting Beginner Guide ip10.png

Click "Add"

Hosting Beginner Guide ip12.png
  • IP-address
  • Domain name -
  • Owner - ns1
  • IP address group - dns

Click Ok.

This operation is required to allocate the IP address to certain DNSmanager

Other panels

Navigate to "Integration" - "IPmanager"

Example in DNSmanager

Hosting Beginner Guide dnsmgr10.png
  • Select the Integration with IPmanager check box
  • IPmanager URL
  • Username - ns1
  • Password - password of the user ns1 in IPmanager

Click OK.