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Configuration details on the payment gateway side

Login to the payment gateway and enter the following configuration details in the API tab:

  • order_id - on
  • Signature - on

Server-server notification URL or Client-server shop URL - do not enter any information. These data will be sent to BILLmanager when making a payment.

Trusted IP - enter BILLmanager IP address if you want to restrict access to API by IP.

BILLmanager configuration details

Login to BILLmanager --> navigate to Payment methods module -- > Click "Add" and complete the steps below:

  • Public key - the store identifier. You can get it in the Liqpay shop settings.
  • Private key - the store identifier. You can get it in the in the Liqpay shop settings.
  • Payment method - select a payment method a customer may use to make a payment.
  • Test mode - enable the testing environment for developers. All test payments will have the status - Success test payment.
  • Allow refunds - allow refunds for clients. Funds will be returned to a client's card or account, the payment in LiqPay will be marked "Refunded"