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Preliminary setup

Navigate to the "Mail notifications" module to set up an external server to send mail notifications. External server will allow you to specify types of mail notifications.

«Mail notifications»

Mail server parameters

A mail server will be used to send Login notifications or define region if geoIP authentication is set up

  • Mail server type - type of mail server that will send email notifications.
  • SMTP-server address - address of SMTP-serer that will send email notifications.
  • Login - enter the login (full email address, such as
  • Password - enter the password.
  • SMTP-server port - enter the port of the SMTP-server. By default - port 25.

Notification types

  • Successful login notifications - send notifications about successful login attempts in control panel.
  • GeoIP notifications - send notifications from the GeoIP module. Disabling this option will also disable the GeoIP module.

Disk space

Administrators and users can receive notifications about insufficient space on disk and mailboxes.

Navigate to the Users module -- select a user -- click "Edit" -- select the Enable free disk space notifications check box.

Please note: to be able to receive notifications, make sure that the verified mailbox is specified in user settings. Otherwise, email won't be delivered.

Notifications are enabled individually for every user and reseller.

The system will run free disk space check and send notifications once in 24 hours. In order to change this period, add the FreeSpaceNotifyPeriod option in minutes into the panel's configuration file.