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This feature allows you to restrict the access to certain directories for specified users . You can protect directories of the Web-domain with a username and password. So, this feature allows to gain access only for the authorized users.

This module can be used to add protected directories, delete them, add authorized users and manage them.

Module «Protect a directory»
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T-bullet.gif View a list of protected directories
T-new.png Add protected directory
T-delete.png Delete password protection
T-users.png Users of the protected directory

View a list of protected directories

  • Directory - path to the protected directory.

Add protected directory

To add a protected directory, click the "Add" icon and fill out the form:

Step 1 Select a directory

Module «Protect a directory»
  • Directory:
    • specify manually - select the check box if you want to specify a desired directory.
    • Path to directory - provide a directory you want to protect with the password.
    • Select - in the form that will appear select a directory you want to protect with the password.

Step 2 Create a user

Module «Protect a directory»
  • Username - enter a username who will be able to access the password protected directory.
  • Password - enter the password
  • Conirmation - retype the password to make sure it is correct.

Delete password protection

To delete a password protection from the directory, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete protection from the selected directory by clicking OK in the following form.