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Starting from the version 5.68 BILLmanager provides an opportunity of quick service order. Quick service order allows a client to proceed to a payment form after he chooses a tariff. Now clients won't need to enter additional information.

Tariff plan settings

To enable quick service order, select the "Quick order" check box in the tariff plan edit/creation form.

Bistr zakaz opt-enn.png

How it works

  • Add-ons
    • If a tariff plan doesn't have add-ons or has add-ons of the "Do not bill" type, a client can skip service configuration and add the service into the Cart after he chooses a tariff.
    • If the tariff plan has add-ons, a client can provide information only for add-ons and parameters from the last step. After that, the service will be added into the Cart.
  • After the client makes a payment, and some parameters are still not specified:
    • A notification letter is sent to the client informing him that he has to enter all the necessary data.
    • Service processing is started only when the client enters all the necessary data. It's not possible to run processing manually.

Service parameters

- From the Cart, if the order is not paid. Or from "Orders", if the order is paid.
- If a client opens the service edit form, he will be able to enter required parameters.
- SSL and domains - it's possible to enter data in  through the Order wizard
- SAN certificates - It's necessary to indicate the maximum number of ordered domains.
- All other  types of products - it's possible to enter required parameters in the  edit form.
- After you have entered all the required data for your service, you should check that are no unconfigured services in the order. If there are any, you should redirect it to their settings, if none, process the order. If the order is paid, you should redirect a client to the orders list. 

Changes in client's interface

In the service order form - "Add to Cart " button:

Bistr zakaz korz-en.png

The "Setting" button is displayed before a client can pay for his service:

Bistr zakaz korz-en2.png

In the list of orders after payment - the "Settings" button is available :

In the list of orders - the "Information" icon is displayed, meaning that the client needs to provide required parameters for the newly created service.