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In DCImanager server types got some additional functions that influence on many aspects of work.

New features

Supported OS

For each server type you can define a set of OS templates available for installation by end user. So you can exclude from the list some templates that are not match certain hardware. For creating of a template list go to Settings - Server types - OS type. Also we added a possibility to test OS templates automatically. In this case you need click on "Test OS" button - DCImanager will find a free server of selected type and check installation of - one by one - all OS templates. After that it will add successfully installed OS to templates' list and clear the server.

Hardware check

There are options to set hardware parameters defined for this server type. In this case DCImanager will check regularly the server and compare diagnostics' results with previously set values. If diagnostics results doesn't agree with previously set values, the server will be marked as having "Hardware problems" and won't be put up for sale by BILLmanager. For example:

  • Client decline the server.
  • DCmanager checked server automatically (ref. Policy),
  • Diagnostics results indicate that RAM performance is lower than specified in "Server type",
  • DCImanager marks the server like having "Hardware problems" and informs the administrator (displays notification above the list of servers).